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My mission is to marry your style and sensibility with my taste and design skill to create the space that is all you. With my obsessive love for sourcing online and scouring vintage and one of a kind items, I can work to fit your dream room with your budget.

Don't see your style? Contact me and lets work together to create your own look.

What you can expect in my INTERIOR DECORATING package:

  • Step 1: A 60 minute  introductory call or Skype session to discuss your wants and needs and questions. Before we begin, please take some time to fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire

  • Step 2: A 60 minute in-person or Skype tour of your space. This is when I'll be gathering measurements and photos of your space.

  • Step 3: After gathering your design profile and room data, I work remotely to develop:

    • 1: A concept board to determine your very own home style 

    • 2: A signature color palette kit, which will give you a frame of reference when shopping for your room

    • 3: Your very own personal website page with your floor plan layout / shopping + design plan / links for exact products to purchase

  • Step 4: We will have a final 60 minute in person or Skype session to put all the pieces together


Read more about the complete design process here


Classic pieces - refined, elegant, and timeless. I like to place one of a kind vintage items alongside bold modern pieces to keep the space fresh. 

Modern Glam

Think old Hollywood glam - lots of bold color, silks, velvets and metallics and mirror finishes.

Eclectic Bohemian

The modern gypsy - collecting treasures from global pursuits.

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